Top 5 Essential Android Apps For Bloggers

The ‘Know Your Mobile India’ study lists the top 10 latest and cheapest android smartphones in India for September 2012. This month saw a slew of interesting smartphones arriving on the scenes, spoiling consumers further with choices.

In spite of its name, Greed is a very affordable app for Android. It sounds like it is meant for money but it is not. Greed is an app that keeps up with RSS feeds. The app costs less than three bucks and for that small amount you will be able to share and track all of your favorite site feeds that you read through your Google Reader. If you are a fan of blogs or news sites, this application can help you keep on top of the latest releases from each of the sites you read regularly. You don’t have to worry about missing any stories or posts. You will even be able to read your feeds when your phone isn’t connected to the internet and you can use it to listen to podcasts and connect with twitter.

The advantage of this placement is that if you shuffle between portrait and landscape orientations, the buttons are always on the lower left-hand side of the display.

And finally, to free your phone from the burden of working all these android apps, you’ll finally want a Job Killer. The ‘Superior Process Killer’ app will slay all those undesirable applications that run in your background and gobble up your battery. It is out there available within the market without spending a dime and .99. Absolutely not a lot for a Joyful Ending!

Nothing scares a person more than getting a piece of communication from the IRS. When a letter from the IRS arrives in your mailbox, the hairs on your back stand up. The IRS is intimidating to most people, and with good cause. They are the most notorious collection agency in the world. Just seeing the letters IRS, on a piece of mail, will cause people to go into panic mode. No one wants trouble with the IRS, and as a consequence, people will comply with any and all requests that the IRS makes, in order to get them to go away.

But because students are not part of the working population, the phones that are targeted at them need to be cost efficient and affordable. However they also need to be sleek and trendy because no student worth his salt will be caught with a phone that went out with the dinosaurs!

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